Monday, August 21, 2023

The 19 Best First Date Tips Straight from Reddit

Nervous for your upcoming first date? Here are 25 highly effective first date tips that real people on Reddit have found to work well. Follow these strategies from experienced daters to wow your date and set yourself up for a second.

First dates can be nerve-wracking! You want to put your best foot forward but fear making mistakes. As one of the biggest discussion platforms, Reddit is a goldmine of honest relationship advice from regular folks who've been in your shoes.

In this article, we've compiled 25 of the most upvoted and effective first date tips shared by Reddit's dating communities. Whether you met online or off, following these small tricks from experienced daters will help you relax, connect authentically and increase your odds of a second date.

19 Best First Date Tips Straight from Reddit

1. Have a Backup Activity or Location in Mind

Even the best laid plans can fall through last minute. Share a couple backup date ideas when confirming so you have a smooth pivot if your original choice doesn't pan out. Opt for flexible activities like mini golf, a local festival, coffee shop browsing or picnic in the park.

2. Listen More Than You Talk

Instead of monologuing about yourself, cultivate genuine interest by asking questions and remembering small personal details shared. Paraphrase what you hear to ensure understanding - listening is sexier than talking! Steer clear of oversharing controversial opinions or stories until comfort levels build.

3. Compliment Sincerely

Avoid just fixating on physical beauty - comment specifically on something you found engaging or endearing about their personality during date from stories shared. Be playful versus cheesy and don't overdo compliments which seem disingenuous. You're bonding through authentic connection not empty flattery.

4. Share Laughs With Lighthearted Fun

Laughter releases feel-good endorphins making positive memories. Bring a witty and upbeat attitude with humorous stories or find silly questions online to spark comedy. Self-deprecating humor is best - don't make fun of others. Lightness diffuses first date tension to get comfortable quickly.

5. Don't Overfocus on Impressing

Forget trying too hard to seem cool - people see through airs of perfection. Let YOUR relaxed, authentic self shine versus a façade. Share moments of relatable vulnerability besides bravado. Being likable matters far more than being impressive! Focus on genuinely getting to know each other.

6. Compliment Sincerely

Avoid just fixating on physical beauty - comment specifically on something you found engaging or endearing about their personality during date from stories shared. Be playful versus cheesy and don't overdo compliments which seem disingenuous. You're bonding through authentic connection not empty flattery.

7. Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Beyond basics, dig deeper with inquires revealing values, character and outlook. Steer clear of interrogations - ask open-ended questions genuinely wanting their perspective to better understand them as an individual. Share details that make you intriguing versus vague platitudes leaving them disinterested to learn more about you too!

8. Be Present and Fully Engaged

Too often first dates involve checking phones which makes people feel ignored. Stay focused through full eye contact and engaged body language like leaning in. React thoughtfully to what they share versus waiting impatiently for turn to talk again. Your date will notice and value feeling they have your undivided attention.

9. Express Gratitude for Their Time

At parting, tell them sincerely you enjoyed listening to get to know them. Extend thanks for the date without implying need for validation of a second. Compliment one specific thing that stood out positively leaving a smile on their face. This seals a polite, upbeat note to end on.

10. Follow Basic Hygiene and Grooming

A fresh shower, clean clothes and breath mints creates good first impressions. While casual dress lets personalities shine through, looking put together shows you respect their time. Well-groomed hair and nails displays effort to make a positive impression versus slobbish presentation. Simplicity beats over-the-top efforts!

11. Suggest a Casual Second Date Idea

If hitting it off, bring up a low commitment follow up activity showing continued interest. Something low pressure like a café, local concert or board game night at a bar leaves ball in their court versus pressure to decide right away. This enthusiasm raises odds they'll say yes to seeing you again soon!

12. Relax and Have Fun With It!

Too much nerves or lofty expectations set the date up for disappointment. View it as low-stakes practice talking with a new cool person versus a job interview. Smile often, stayloose and engaged in conversation simply enjoying learning about them. Confidence and fun vibes are irresistible!

13. Remove Distractions and Be Fully Present

Silence your phone and ignore pinging notifications versus nonstop checking which makes people think you're bored of dating them. Give full eye contact, ask follow up questions and reflect regularly on what's discussed to stay laser focused! Multi-tasking screams lack of interest.

14. Pay For The Date if Asking Them Out

Quickly grab the bill to show consideration without giving off transactional vibes of expecting repayment. Read their comfort level with PDA but save intimacy for future dates when deeper bond developed. Keep things light, fun and respectful versus presumption of immediate chemistry.

15. Compliment Their Personality Not Looks

While natural to notice looks, focus comments on engaging character traits, values or interesting outlooks revealed versus fixation on physical attributes creating an objectifying impression. People appreciate feeling seen for who they are versus what they look like. Appearances fade, character is forever.

16. Follow Up After to Express Thanks

Text within a day or so thanking them for a lovely evening and saying you hope to see them again soon. leaving ball in their court versus seeming overeager. Follow any positive signs of interest while giving space if response lukewarm. Graciously accept no with confidence further awesome people await!

17. Conversation Starters Beyond Introductory Basics

Discuss favorite hobbies, latest interesting documentary/book/show, favorite childhood memory, biggest pet peeves, life dreams manifestations, social issues felt passionate about or anything uniquely revealing a deeper layer of who they are.

18. Send Intro Instead of Cold-Calling

Many feel ambushed by unsolicited numbers, so message on app with friendly introduction versus springing contact info on someone unprepared. Let curiosity bloom before potentially making them uncomfortable by cold reaching out of the blue.

19. Have Fun! Let Your Guard Down And Good Luck!

Dates take practice, so have patience with yourself and view each as learning experience versus pass/fail judgment. When relaxed having fun, natural magnetism shines through! Enjoy getting to know each funny, interesting person as they are with no rigid agenda. Wishing you all the best for smooth sailing dates and exciting connections ahead.

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