Saturday, May 21, 2022

Execute a Plan of Action and Get Motivated

You have a large goal to reach, but it's lofty and looks impossible to reach, how do you go about obtaining that goal? There is a tool that is available to you and that is called an Action Plan. 

An Action Plan is different from a "To Do List" because it deals specifically with reaching one single goal. To do lists are used for multiple tasks that are unrelated to each other.

Why does an Action Plan work? 

It helps you to concentrate on each stage of your ultimate goal and helps chart your progress towards it. 

Drawing up an Action Plan simply means to list the tasks that need to be completed to achieve your main goal. It sounds simple and it is, while also being extremely useful in charting your progress. 

An Action Plan will help keep you on track if you tend to get distracted or discouraged about reaching your goal. It's such a joy to be able to mark each task off your list and see how each step is bringing you closer to your goal.

Let's look at an action plan that I developed to have a book published.

1. Develop your plot ideas and your characters. 

You have to start somewhere and you should know your characters and have a basic idea of what type of book you want to write. Determine if it will be fiction or non-fiction, for adults, children, or a book of poetry. That should be the first item on your Plan of Action.

2. Write your book. 

Take it chapter by chapter and keep plugging away on your manuscript until it is done. You may only write a paragraph at a time, but you are still working toward your main goal of publication.

3. Revisions and editing is the next step after your book is completed. 

It's a necessary step to the process even if it isn't your favorite part of writing. You want to send the very best to an interested publishing company, agent, or editor.

4. Research where your manuscript should be sent. 

You really don't want to send your romance novel to a science fiction publishing house. It's important to know your market. Research; find publishing companies that are happy to take a new author if that's what you are. Find out what their specialty is before you send that manuscript.

5. You have researched, now it's time to send a query letter. 

This letter will give a short synopsis of your story and hope it will grab the interest of an editor.

6. Your book has been accepted and is on its way to publication. 

Now is the time to do pre-publicity. Talk about your book, be your own promoter. Unless you are a big name author already, chances are, you will be the main PR person for your book. 

Take a pro-active interest in promoting your book to family, friends, and businesses in your area. In this area, don't be shy, if you don't let them know about your book, no one else may.

7. Success! Your book is published and now nationally and internationally available. 

You've reached your goal taking small steps and working your Action Plan. Celebrate and then make a new goal and start working on that. 

Wasn't it satisfying to mark items off your list as you accomplished them? If you're original Action Plan looks too short or has too many large steps, break them down again. Small steps will always help you to attain your goal. 

A quote from Ralph Marston says: "Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality."

This can also work when you begin thinking about starting your own business. In fact, an Action Plan is recommended before you begin looking for financing for your new venture. An Action Plan will be slightly different from the one I outlined above, but will use the same basic principals. 

Take each step one at a time and give yourself a pat on the back when you have marked off each task on your list. 

An Action Plan will help you stay organized, chart your progress, and helps keep your goal in sight. Good luck reaching your goals!